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Rapper Pair-A-Dyce gets together with producer Rediculus, who have already proved to be a stable and capable producer and partner with his exposure has grown substantially.

Now, after his two most successful releases, (Pair-A-Dyce Vol. 1 & Pair-A-Dyce Vol. 2) the duo have begun to craft Dyce’s debut album set for a digital release via Island Def Jam.

01. Rick Flair (Prod. by Rediculus)
02. U Don’t Want It (Prod. by Rediculus)
03. Who You Rollin Wit (Prod. by Rediculus)
04. When You Rappin’ (Prod. by Rediculus)
05. You Mad (Prod. by Rediculus)
06. No Love Lately (Prod. by Jon Glass)
07. We Ain’t Cool Feat. Rich Malone (Prod. by Rediculus)

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