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New Official Mixtape From Judah Priest featuring Buddha Monk, Staten All-Stars, Dungeon Masta, Fes Taylor, LCOB, Salute Da Kidd, Sadat X, Darkim Be Allah, Black Market Militia, Solomon Childs, Shabazz The Disciple, Young Dirty Bastard…

01. DJYELLO INTRO We Run This ft. Buddha Monk Staten Allstars
02. Walk These Streets ft. Dungeon Master G. Ruger
03. Love For The Game ft. Fes Taylor
04. 04. Fallen Angels ft. Lost Children of Babylon, Menace OBEZ, Revelation, 5Ft Hyper Sniper Rain the
05. The Destruction ft. Salute Da Kid G. Ruger
06. The Movement (Smash The Dark Knight) ft. Sadat X, Buddha Monk, and Darkim B Allah
07. Hip Hop Resurection ft. Chubb Rock, Godd Fella Mike G, Emceem
08. Macabe Riders ft. William Cooper, Solomon Wise, Timbo King, Hell Razah
09. Gameface ft. Solomon Childs, Yung Budd, Baka Don
10. Hands Up (Dark Age Exclusive) ft. Shabazz Da Disciple RaySun Da One
11. Holocaust & American Poets (Fancy Boxing) Feat. Judah Priest, Dungeon Masta And Storm Da Ghetto Mut
12. Invasion ft. Rain The Quiet Storm, Righteous Da Goddess, Mister Fucc Ya Feelings
13. Black Widows Rain The ft. Judah Priest
14. Unrealistic Visions ft. YDB AKA YUNG DIRTY BASTARD BLACK MASK (R.I.P.)


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