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Hip-Hop Prophecy

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think zebra 500

There’s an old saying that goes “When you hear hooves, think horses not zebra” implying that we should always assume the obvious answer is the correct one… Well at ThinkZebra apparel we say FUCK THAT. We pride ourselves on being the weirdest, outside-of-the-box thinkingest muthaluvers this side of the rio grande.

As artists and designers we’d been dreaming of creating our own range of t-shirts and dope clothing since penny sweets actually cost a penny each and people wore monocles to work. Since then the plan has been refined and scrapped until we find ourselves here, an independent UK based streetwear brand with a glint in our eye and something to prove.

Our ethos at ThinkZebra is to bring the finest quality design and typography with a twist, on the finest quality clothing at a price that’ll leave you with enough left to make your pockets jingle. BUT THATS NOT ALL…

We are dedicated to good music, art, design and specifically the underground UK music scene, so to keep you coming back we’ll be featuring some top quality content from our favourite acts including hip-hop, graffiti, videos, music, interviews and much more so keep your eyes peeled.

To prove that, we’ve forged relationships with some of the finest UK Hip Hop names such as Dirty Dike, Wordplay Mag, London Zoo, Stig of the dump, Dr Syntax, Mystro and more as well as regularly updating our popular blog with plenty of dope music and interesting features.

So remember. When you hear hooves…

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