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The Colony veteran and London’s very own ‘beast from the east’ brings us his second instalment of his superb ‘Bear With Me’ series inspired by the music of 2Pac. Here the UK Hip-Hop legend has enlisted the help of some of the UK’s biggest names for some killer collaborations which fit so nicely next to his solo anthems. Here is a release that showcases the skill and talent of one of the UK’s best rappers.

Featuring the likes of Triple Darkness latest member Iron Braydz, as well as UK legends such as Genesis Elijah, Kyza, Loudmouth, Ti2bs, Conspicuous, Shameless, Rukus, alongside cutting edge new talent such as Vicious, Rebel, Doc 4, Da Sweetnezz, English, Star and Tone, this mixtape really does have it all. With a string of positive reviews already off some of the UK’s leading blogs as well as radio support from the likes of Itch FM, Rogue FM, and many more, this release is destined to blow.

T.Bear – #bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated (Track-list):

01. Call Me Negus Feat. Doc 4, Iron Brayz & Genesis Elijah
02. I’m On Feat. Loudmouth, Rukus, Ti2bs, Rebel, Conspicuous & Shameless
03. Hell No Feat. Vicious
04. Negus In Amsterdam
05. Bear Sophisticated
06. Show Me You Like Me Feat. Da Sweetnezz, English & Kyza
07. 19z
08. Say No More Feat. Star
09. Pain Feat. Tone
10. Dedication

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Cap 1 – Rotation

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“Outsiders” is the first single off of Notoriety’s upcoming mixtape, “The Ground Table”, and aims to touch home with those who feel lost, confused or are just unsure where they belong. Whether it be in one particular situation or an existential life question, feeling this way is not uncommon and Notoriety can relate.

Vydle Sinez and Incredible Chuck lace a smooth, yet dramatic, 5-minute flow over a beautiful Blended Babies-produced Jazz horn backdrop as Chuck comes in throughout with soulful singing to highlight the emotion being released, balancing the song out just right. Say goodbye to cliché lines, fads and lyrics and welcome something refreshing. On the inside, we all feel like outsiders.

Though it does not yet have a release date, “The Ground Table” is a compilation project which Notoriety created in order to bring all of their favorite Boston artists together. Each song, aside from “Outsiders”, will have at least one feature from a local, indie emcee and the production will also be provided by local producers. In an age where every individual is aiming to reign supreme, a unifying project such as this one is long overdue.

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