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Shakezpeare is a UK Rapper from Coventry in the West Midlands who has been making waves in the underground scene. He is strongly affiliated with US indie labels Crhyme Mate Entertainment, Sicko Records and CME Mobb due to his international appeal and has previously released two mixtapes as well as more recently dropping his debut album ‘H.I.N.D’ (Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead). As well as consistent recording artist, Shakezpeare is known performer sharing stages with the likes of Malik, Supar Novar, Genesis Elijah, Tony D, Reveal and many more.

‘Unfabricated’ is the brand new seven track EP from Shakezpeare that features the likes of UK Hip-Hop legend Genesis Elijah, battle rapper and Midlands artist Trademark Blud as well as well respected London artist Vicious. Production comes from SK, Great Majesty and Embra Beats who set the tone for a collection of tracks that display Shakezpeare’s rhyming skills and his direct take on life. Shakezpeare spent life in various prisons due to life on the streets doing over twelve years behind bars and here on this EP he drops realism on the subject.

This EP is as real as its gets as it takes you into a world that most fame emcees rap about but in reality could only have nightmares about or can only fabricate in their lyrics. This release is raw, this release is undiluted; this is UNFABRICATED…

‘Strong concepts and very original’
‘Rugged and raw to the essence’
‘Hard beats and metaphors, this is fire’
‘His appeal is that he doesn’t hold back’
‘A seven track EP that needs your attention’

Shakezpeare Feat. Vicious – Nu Bluez (Music Video)

Shakezpeare – Unfabricated #EP(Track-list):

01 – Have You (Produced by SK)
02 – Streets Keep Calling (Produced by Great Majesty)
03 – My Shoes Feat. Genesis Elijah (Produced by SK)
04 – T.O.DD.Y (Produced by Embra Beats)
05 – Nu Bluez Feat. Vicious (Produced by SK)
06 – The Madness (Produced by Embra Beats)
07 – Can’t Stop Feat. Trademark Blud (Produced by Embra Beats)

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