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After the underground success of his music video and single ‘Lyrics Are Weapons’, Midlands rapper Trademark Blud is back with his brand new mixtape ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ hosted by Tricksta from UK Runnings. ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ is a twenty-six track mixtape weighs in at over seventy-eight minutes along and features the likes of Jae Sosa, Plain And Simple, LATE, Shakezpeare, Intuitive, Conscious Route, Lordy, Jayde Yellow and Jay S, as well as production from Tazman, DJ Buzzword, Mr Re, DJ Mainframe, Krylon Funk, DJ Lineton, Embra Beats, SK, Sparda, DJK2, Squareone and Jynxstarr.

Trademark Blud has been performing and recording since 2007 and is known as a lyrical, energetic and experienced performer who has shared stages with the likes of Genesis Elijah, Tony D & Reveal from Poisonous Poets, Big Dutty Deeze, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Supar Novar and many more. As a battle rapper he has battled for Don’t Flop as well as being closely involved with the Midland’s biggest battle league Spitroast. Trademark Blud supports the Hip-Hop scene as much as he can, organizing & hosting events, helping to promote his sponsors Fresh Midz Clothing, as promoting artists ‘The FroShow’ on

‘Educational & entertaining new skool UK Rap!’
‘If you love UK Hip-Hop you will adore this release’
‘A lyrical feast of delicious rhymes and metaphors’
‘Trademark Blud has a solid delivery & a brilliant flow’
‘This emcee eats beats with ease with killer punch-lines’

UK Runnings Presents Trademark Blud – Tricks Of The Trade (Track-list):

01 – Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 – 64 Bars for First Focus Media
03 – Lost Art Feat. Plain And Simple & Jae Sosa (Prod. by Tazman)
04 – Lyrics Are Weapons (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
05 – False Messiah
06 – Be A Rapper (Prod. by Mr Re)
07 – Cornered
08 – Command And Conquer (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
09 – Our Skin Feat. Lordy & LATE (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
10 – Stephen Lawrence (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
11 – Lead The Way Feat. Intuitive (Prod. by Krylon Funk)
12 – Bounce (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
13 – I Believe Feat. Conscious Route (Prod. by DJ Lineton)
14 – Trademark B.L.U.D.
15 – Can’t Stop Feat. Shakezpeare (Prod by. Embra Beats)
16 – Gully
17 – Nufffin’ But A Bitch (Prod. by SK)
18 – Race Of The Rats (Prod. by Sparda)
19 – Chase (Prod. by DJK2)
20 – Fragile
21 – You’re Sure (Prod. by DJ Buzzword)
22 – Sugar Rush (Prod. by Tazman)
23 – Dreams Feat. Jayde Yellow (Prod. by Squareone)
24 – High As A Kite
25 – Forever And A Day Feat. Jay S (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
26 – Swordless Samurai (Prod. by Jynxstarr)

Download/Stream link:

Trademark Blud – Lyrics Are Weapons (Prod. by DJ Buzzword) #Video

Trademark Blud – Big Fingz TV #Freestyle

Trademark Blud – First Focus Media Swaggatalk #Freestyle

Trademark Blud – BiLLATV Freestyle Session #Freestyle

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XLR Festival 2014 POSTER 500

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Young Buck – Fye

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Charli XCX – Boom Clap

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