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Conscious Route, A rapper, originally known as Mosman from England-based hip hop crew Fugazirum, Conscious Route has been working from his now-home city of Edinburgh, releasing solid music for the past three years. He has been building a strong reputation and gaining recognition from releases like the ‘Sinking LP’ with United Front artist Sean El, and the more recently released ‘Labyrinth E.p’ with the Monosapiens band and recently released ‘Edinburgh Resident E.p’ with Scottish veteran Madhat McGore . Also networking hard and gaining features with French producer Marie Joly (Offering Recordings) on the track ‘Just Be’, and Mr Fox’s ‘Quarantine’ from Dubstep the label Simplify Recordings, plus many more, Conscious Route is fast becoming a well-known artist on the UK and International scene.

The ‘CCF Volume 2 So Seductive’ release is mini Lp also a sequel to the CCF Mixtape volume 1. Conscious Collaboration Front is a network of like minded individuals bringing together different backgrounds and styles of art on to one platform. The album features a diverse range artist mainly from Scotland but also England. The music was created by Fuzz who is working with Conscious Route on an alternative band project set to launch this summer 2015 called the ‘The Urban Folk Crowd’. The music it’s self is a mix constructed samples and live instrumentation blended into soulful composition. The lyrics remain conscious and reflective through out with deep expressive content.

Conscious Route – CCF Volume 2 So Seductive (Track-list):
1. So Seductive
2. Bitter Sweet Ft Tickle
3. Troublesome Times Ft Chad the Lad, Werd
4. Conscious Ft Mistah Biggz
5. Cutting Nae Slack Ft Ciaran Mac
6. Death Bed ft Braxton
7. kill the Individual
8. Vindictive Ft Freestyle Master

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