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Probing and provocative, this recent clip from Daylyt’s recent chat with VladTV focuses on the surge in popularity of social media personalities who are financially thriving and popular with the ladies, regardless of their autism or other special needs conditions.

After speaking on the missed opportunity to battle autistic rapper 50 Tyson, Daylyt delves into a discussion about how social media has allowed people living with an assortment of special needs and other once-stigmatized ailments to make a living for themselves.

“Yo, if you are an autistic person or someone with a mental illness or a disease that is very funny, please contact me. I am looking for you to be a part of my squad. We can make a very lot of money,” said Day after commenting on the $4,500 booking fee that “Deez Nuts” Internet celeb WelvenDaGreat charges.

As the conversation continued the Cali lyricist spoke on how WelvenDaGreat is bringing in the ladies despite his disability. “It’s like this, man. When you become popular the image don’t matter, man. It don’t matter at all. Girls sleep with popularity. It don’t matter. They don’t even care what’s wrong with the guy.”

Not one to knock another man’s hustle, Daylyt then spoke on how Welven’s popularity contrasts what he was experiencing mere months ago. “See, I look at that as a blessing. Just four or five months ago, you was laughed at, and now you make more money than people who bust they as* [working] 40 hours a week,” he offered.

In summation, Daylyt expressed, “So, he’s getting $4,500 per show, plus disability checks; he’s eating crazy! Those disability checks be nice! They be nice, man. They be about $2,500. This n**** get an average, he’s making about 20 grand a month.”

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London rapper Jinx has been grinding away hard over the last couple of years unleashing a string of music videos and releases. This brand new track is taken from his forthcoming release ‘Paragon’ which promises to be his best work to date. Here Jinx teams up with Midland’s rapper Trademark Blud who recently got signed to Chicago based record label Platformz. Hard hitting bars and hefty flows is the vibe here which is complimented by a superb music video from one of the leading up & coming urban media channels Titan TV.

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