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West Midlands based rapper Soloman Gehazi drops the second instalment of his Street Gospel Mixtape series in conjunction with the legendary UK Runnings mixtapes series. ‘Street Gospel Vol. 2’ is hosted by Tricksta, a DJ who has previously released mixtapes with the likes of US acts such as Papoose & Sheek Louch and UK acts such as Skriblah from Terra Firma and M9 from Triple Darkness. This brand new twenty five track free download is a UK Hip-Hop mixtape everyone needs in their collection and it features guest appearances from D7, The Praying Mantis, DJ Amo, Tommy Oliver, Deonne, T33k1d, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy, Young Weddaz , Alex Campbell, Corban, Radical with original production from by Viggers, Nangfood, Termite and Mastaplanet.

Soloman Gehazi’s unique flow and conscious outlook are a few of the traits that have made him a popular choice with promoters across the country and he has shared stages with a wide range of artists including the likes of Lunar C, Malik MD7, Genesis Elijah, Meeks, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Kingpin and many more. This new mixtape he covers a wide range of subjects and topics dropping science over a selection of Boom Bap and Hip-Hop inspired production, always remaining lyrical as well positive. With so much music being made these days it’s hard to find music with staying power and that’s what we have here, this is timeless music for Hip-Hop lovers.

Soloman Gehazi – Truthful Perspectives #Video

Soloman Gehazi Feat. Tommy Oliver – Creation #Video

Soloman Gehazi – Street Gospel Vol. 2 (Track-list):
01. Intro Feat. Tricksta
02. Shut It Down
03. Christ life Feat. D7 & The Praying Mantis
04. Wolves 2 London Feat. D7 & DJ Amo
05. Grown Man Biznizz Feat. D7 (Prod by Viggers)
06. Creation Feat. Tommy Oliver
07. Promise Land Feat. Deonne (Prod by Nangfood)
08. Lyrical Mastery
09. Jugganauts Feat. T33k1d, The Praying Mantis, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy & D7
10. Let My People Know Feat. Young Weddaz
11. Water To Lemonade
12. Take You Away
13. Praise Feat. Alex Campbell & Radical
14. Ten Commandments
15. Truthful Perspectives (Revised)
16. Mr. Militant Atheist
17. The Carnage
18. To The Scene Part 1
19. To The Scene Part 2
20. Real Hip Hop Music Feat. D7
21. Dusty Winter (Prod by Termite)
22. My Life Feat. Alex Campbell & Wiggz
23. When You Go Feat. Corban (Prod by MastaPlanet)
24. Lord Keep Me Feat. Tommy Oliver & Radical
25. Outro Feat. Tricksta

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